Hooters “owl” set to open…

Hooters, the American restaurant chain widely known for its top-heavy “Hooters girls”, is set to open in Beijing on September 12 on Workers’ Stadium East Road, just a hop, skip and jump from The Den (look for the trademark owl* in the second-floor windows).

No doubt this will launch a thousand all-too-predictable jokes - “where will they find local staff?”, etc** – as well as indignation among some, though if my readers are indicative, a great many people are looking forward to the opening. Hooters has two Shanghai outlets and, according to an industry insider and friends who have visited them, they are doing a good business.

The doors open at 11 AM…

* People commonly associate the sound “hoot” with an owl, thus explaining the animal’s presence in the chain’s logo. Plus, owls have two really big and round eyes.

* Unfortunately for the yuksters, Maggies moved from up the street to near Ritan Park a few years back, otherwise there could have been another thousand all-too-predicable jokes about the titular Hooters-Maggies-Den triangle.

7 thoughts on “Hooters “owl” set to open…”

  1. Hey Boyce

    The arrival of Hooters is just another exampleof the “midwesternization” of beijing

    This city is well on its way to becoming Minneapolis

  2. Hey Bloozman,

    I always associate Hooters with George for some reason. Anyway, this city won’t be like Minneapolis until it has someone like Prince and it sends all its best athletes to Boston sports teams.

    Cheers, Boyce

  3. ok then Omaha…DesMoines…Topeka all of whom have Hooters…

    as opposed to Paris…Berlin…Rome…or London…all of which have survived very well thank you very much..

    Now this isn’t my city…but if it was…i know which group I would want to be included in


  4. Bloozman,

    Point taken. I guess Beijing ends up in the same group as Athens, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, Zurich…

    Cheers, Boyce

  5. “People commonly associate the sound “hoot” with an owl, thus explaining the animal’s presence in the chain’s logo.”

    I think you are right there. Also practically the only other option would be for the logo to be really big pair of tits.

    That might be more appropriate considering the clientele. Except for people like me, of course, who will be going there to be ironic.

  6. David,

    Or maybe they picked the owl because only really smart people go to Hooters. I think we need some heavy duty marketing, and some focus groups, to figure this one out.

    Cheers, Boyce

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