Squatter’s rights…

There’s the toilet, but where’re the dumplings?

We won’t swim in your toilet if you don’t pee in our pool goes a famous saying. It’s one that might be adopted for Beijing’s public toilets since they’ll no longer be allowed to be neighbors with food stands. I don’t exactly know what that saying might be – maybe We won’t eat in your toilet if you don’t squat in our kitchen - but it would be interesting to know how “food stall” is defined: whether it means a guy hawking ice cream cones near the door of a public toilet or a restaurant that shares the same building.

Interestingly, Taiwan has no such qualms about mixing eating and flushing.

5 thoughts on “Squatter’s rights…”

  1. There’s also no water for washing hands in lots of public toilets. That’s because people there know not to pee on their hands. We have a lot to learn.

  2. NY,

    I’m just glad they went the way of real food on replica toilets, rather than the other way around, in Taiwan…

    Cheers, Boyce

  3. Can’t be too sure, mate.

    Say, know any good microbreweries in Qingdao? I’m thinking of setting up something to make good stout and ale with a kick, not like that local brews.

  4. NY,

    I haven’t even been to Qingdao, not even for the beer festival (shame on me), but I’ll ask around.

    Cheers, Boyce

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