Jackie Chan, Robert Palmer back my campaign

Let’s see. I just go here, find Beijing Boyce, and
click the “+” til it’s green… (from aiwan.com)

Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan and rock music legend Robert Palmer today endorsed my campaign for the China Blog Awards. They join Chinese warlord Yan Xishan on a team that has seen its stock rise from 26th to 3rd place in eight days, and that trails the frontrunners by a mere dozen votes with less than a week to go.

Actually, Chan and Palmer didn’t explicitly endorse my campaign, but China Doll owner Ai Wan did and since she knows them both – she was in Rush Hour and the video Addicted to Love respectively – and I can’t imagine anyone not supporting her, I’m assuming Chan and Palmer would back me 100 percent, if only they knew about my blog.

I guess this means R Kelly, Bruce Willis, Isabella Rossellini, Chris Tucker, Melissa Etheridge and many others with whom Ai Wan has worked could also be seen as on my bandwagon.

By the way, I should clarify: Ai Wan never actually used the word “endorse.” But in an email exchange, she – or maybe it was her personal assistant – wrote, “I will vote for you.”

I can’t imagine, at least not in my present frame of mind, voting for someone and not endorsing them. Anyway…

… if you like this blog, visit here, scroll to Beijing Boyce and click the “+” sign until it turns green. And for more Ai wan, go here.

What? You haven’t voted?

7 thoughts on “Jackie Chan, Robert Palmer back my campaign”

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  2. Your abacus does not deceive you YXS, but you, of all people, should know that winning a battle is different from winning a war. Onward!

  3. @CLB, in addition to that, that’s Beijing has put out two books – one about spicy food and one about healthy food – to help people when they’re ordering dishes.

    Cheers, boyce

  4. I received the following comment from The Humanaught on July 27. I keep trying to approve it and I keep getting the message “Oops, no comment with this ID. Go back!”, so I’ll post it via my admin account:

    You’re kickin’ ass! I came to see what all the fuss was about, and then I realized you have an advantage all of us other poor saps are lacking… you’ve a blog about booze with photos of beautiful women… ;-)

    Well, your writing’s great too… but that booze and photos thing… that’s gotta help!

  5. Tobester,

    It would be amazing and, to my knowledge, beyond anyone but Yan Xishan.

    Thanks for pointing that out.


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