Texas move ‘em

Like a tumbleweed, Tim’s Texas BBQ has come and gone in the former John Bull Pub location. The sign is down and various hunks of wood were being tricyled away, apparently to the Mexican Wave vicinity, as I enjoyed coffee at The Sequoia Cafe next door. Word has it the place will officially close next week, marking a busy month for Tim, who officially opened Tim’s Texas Roadhouse (Super Bar Street) on July 1. Look for an expansion of Sequoia Cafe into the empty space, thus allowing Beijing quizmaster legend Frank Siegel to continue with his Tuesday night contests.

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3 thoughts on “Texas move ‘em”

  1. Chris,

    There will still be beer, Margaritas and food, as usual, it’s just that Frank will open up the space between The Sequoia and Tim’s. Oh, and there won’t be smoked meat.

    Also, last summer the Mexican food Fridays were popular, but dropped off after Tim’s opened, so I’m hoping Frank can get those going again. Maybe he could get tacos and Margaritas going for Tuesdays quiz night, too.

    Cheers, Boyce

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