TBJ Awards: D-22, pole dancers, reality TV, and more

Like some 500 other people, I attended that’s Beijing’s Bars and Clubs Awards last Thursday at The Bank. Here are seven random thoughts from the sweaty, red wine fueled night that was (photos courtesy of TBJ - see the full gallery).


Suzie in the valley of the China Dolls: They split votes, but… 

I predicted to Echo from Q Bar and others that: 1) Suzie Wong and China Doll would steal each other’s votes and 2) allow Q Bar to sneak through and win as Bar / Club of the Year. Well, 1) happened, but just as I was feeling smart and the Q Bar people perhaps thought I had inside info, D-22 up and won.


No doubt, being the lone Haidian candidate helped D-22, and its owners were shocked by the win, but credit goes where due. It’s obviously doing something right since it was up for this award in 2006, too. Congrats!

… instead of Q going through, it was… D twenty-who!?


Stella Artois on tap, big pours of very drinkable red, and Freixenet sparkling wine – good times! 

It’s all free!


Bar owners were pumped about the awards and it was good to see some competitive spirit. It was also fun to meet owners and staff in a social setting – I actually met Leo from Cheers, er, outside of Cheers!

They shot their way to an “outstanding” award.

I won’t make any “you’ve probably been in Bed with him” jokes. I’ll just say he was Cho-sen by the people.

Centro hanging with its haul.


The awards were punctuated by a pole dancer and two bikini top-clad women swinging what seemed to be flaming keroscene-soaked tin cans on the ends of meter-long chains. Can’t say I saw that coming and I’m happy a mishandled can didn’t ignite The Bank’s draperies and send us to flaming screaming deaths.

That top does so NOT go with those shoes.

She’s hot.


Chad, Kris and Luge – ready for reality?

The Rickshaw’s Chad, Kris and Luge need their own reality show. It’d be hard to find three guys who have a better time but differ more in personality and looks. An American, an Aussie and a Chinese – they could be packaged as a young Harry Morgan, the Crocodile Dundee of Beijing and China’s Fonz (heyyy!), teaming up to run a bar with all the craziness that comes from happy hours, drunk patrons and cultural misunderstandings among a diverse clientele. Just stick a few cameras on the first floor, second fl0or and deck, and one in that public bathroom around the side (none in the kitchen - the wings recipe needs protection). Seriously, three fun characters in a funky spot called The Rickshaw in a city with global attention in the run-up to the Olympics – you wouldn’t watch this?

Yes, we would!

I’m going to need a whole new wardrobe.


And in the Beard of the Year category, it’s Cheers


Losing by a (very, very long) hair to Goose and Duck.



Now that that vote is over, how about casting one for yours truly in the China Blog Awards? Just go here, scroll to Beijing Boyce, and click the ‘+’ sign until its green. Easy as drinking free booze at a bar awards party… and better for your liver!

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