The Friday night that was…

Friday night started as usual with a weekly wine tasting at Sequoia Cafe - this one featured a handful of Chenin Blancs to test our palates. These get-togethers are a nice way to meet a diverse crowd of businesspeople, diplomats, wine industry folks, students, teachers, journalists – you name it – and to kick off the weekend. Next one up features South African wines (email Frank at for details).

On my way out of Sanlitun, I dropped into China Doll. I was one of three judges at last week’s Beijing qualifier for 42 Below’s Cocktail World Cup. While Johnson Ren won, and goes to New Zealand for the world championships, my favorite drink was by China Doll‘s Alan - vodka, Cointreau, Campari, and orange and cranberry juices, with a wedge of citrus across the top. Simple in appearance and well-balanced, it was the drink at the Cocktail World Cup that most made me think, “Hmm, I want one of those this weekend.” (I’ll have more on the Beijing qualifier soon.)

On my way home, I popped into The Rickshaw for “five minutes” (well, that was the plan, but some Wild Turkey and a Cuban cigar stopped me). Anyway, I need to issue a correction – The Rickshaw’s Chad Lager does not look like a young Harry Morgan (see point 5, here). He looks much more like Bruce Willis (it’s the eyes, I’m telling you, the eyes). Now that that’s established, everyone get back to beer pong…

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There’s a monkey on my blog!

Zimbu - who you might remember as the plush monkey that nearly got into a brawl at last year’s TBJ Halloween party at Rui Fu – has thrown the banana in the ring and is backing my campaign in the China Blog Awards. Zimbu joins supporters such as Jackie Chan and Yan Xishan as my blog has moved into a slim lead – three votes – just days before the contest ends.

As Zimbu put it, “A vote this blog is a vote for primates regardless of sex, gender and hairiness.”

Well put, Zimbu! Now stay away from the good stuff…

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I’m getting hints of bananas in this one…

Put on your Rose-colored glasses at La Baie des Anges

Bacchus Wines is teaming up with Houhai’s La Baie des Anges, co-runner up in the TBJ awards‘ best wine list category, for a Rose competition: Cotes du Rhones Sud versus Cotes de Provence.

The event starts at 8 PM (100 kuai). Here’s the lineup:

Domaine des Pasquiers – Vin de Pays du Vaucluse 2006
Domaine de la Camarette – Cotes du Ventoux AOC 2006
L’Esprit de Provence – Cotes de Provence AOC 2005
Chateau Roubine – Cotes de Provences AOC 2006

There will be specials prices on Rosé all night. Check La Baie Des Anges website for a map.

Excellence in the Garden of Delights

It seems China World Hotel’s Aria isn’t the only local establishment being recognized by Wine Spectator. Wangfujing-based Garden of Delights – which has one of our city’s more spectacular interior designs – reports that the magazine has awarded it a 2007 Award of Excellence. Look for a Trimbach wine tasting in the Garden next month (details to come).

Jackie Chan, Robert Palmer back my campaign

Let’s see. I just go here, find Beijing Boyce, and
click the “+” til it’s green… (from

Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan and rock music legend Robert Palmer today endorsed my campaign for the China Blog Awards. They join Chinese warlord Yan Xishan on a team that has seen its stock rise from 26th to 3rd place in eight days, and that trails the frontrunners by a mere dozen votes with less than a week to go.

Actually, Chan and Palmer didn’t explicitly endorse my campaign, but China Doll owner Ai Wan did and since she knows them both – she was in Rush Hour and the video Addicted to Love respectively – and I can’t imagine anyone not supporting her, I’m assuming Chan and Palmer would back me 100 percent, if only they knew about my blog.

I guess this means R Kelly, Bruce Willis, Isabella Rossellini, Chris Tucker, Melissa Etheridge and many others with whom Ai Wan has worked could also be seen as on my bandwagon.

By the way, I should clarify: Ai Wan never actually used the word “endorse.” But in an email exchange, she – or maybe it was her personal assistant – wrote, “I will vote for you.”

I can’t imagine, at least not in my present frame of mind, voting for someone and not endorsing them. Anyway…

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