The Pomegranate: Beer, Biltong and Bundles of Wood

I read in The Pomegranate‘s weekly e-newsletter that this Shunyi bar is opening a cellar under its side-room. Intrigued, I figured it might be the makings of a new wine hangout. Instead, the recently discovered cellar has been renovated and, says P-granate’s Mike, “We’re now using it to store wine and drinks, etc, and embarking on building a wood-fired pizza oven area in the space above.” That works, too.

The Pomegranate is rare not only because it’s a bar in Shunyi, but also because it’s one of the few places with a mix of Beamish Irish Stout on tap, a 42-inch flat panel screen, wireless, a weekly pub quiz (Wednesdays), and South African biltong*, citronella candles and bundles of firewood on sale (they deliver).

Sounds like a place worth a visit.

By the way, the bar will hold its annual “Rynostock” music festival on May 19. The newsletter says more than a dozen bands played last year and raised money for charity. Those wishing to play at this year’s festival should Mike at 13801-103-933.

To receive the bar’s newsletter, send a message to with the word “subscribe” in the subject line.

* That’d be South African beef jerky.

3 thoughts on “The Pomegranate: Beer, Biltong and Bundles of Wood”

  1. Please can someone let me know how to get biltong in Beijing. I’m a South Africa in desperate need of a stick of biltong as i wont be heading home for about another 5 months. Any help will be much appreciated!!

  2. Jetfresh Foods Hong Kong Limited
    Tel:2870-0869 Fax:2870-0769

    I live in Hong Kong and fairly regularly buy Biltong form Susan, she seems to have no problem with orders as large as 7kg worth of beef biltong and droewors. She also stocks a whole bunch of South African foods like boerewors and real Escort brand bacon :)

    Not sure if she delivers to the mainland, but it is worth being on her bi-monthly mailing list.

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