They Say Life Begins at 100,000…

When issue 32 of Beijing Boyce comes out at week’s end, it will bring the newsletter close to 100,000-word territory. That’s 3,000+ words per issue, with the massive Shanghai edition last year topping 5,000. If I had a kuai for each one, I’d be buying a few rounds of Alfonso Specials for my readers.

Even though traffic on this blog is quickly growing, the 16-month-old newsletter remains my baby. It’s comprehensive, easy to print, and has write-ups not yet on the blog. Issue 32 will cover:

– The first of my Chinese wine tastings. The mission: to find seven decent wines that retail for less than 700 kuai total, so readers can hold affordable tastings at home. Which among Catai, Grace, Bodega Langes and Changyu wins round one?
– The hairy, sweaty truth behind 5:19 Bar & Grill, and why some call it “home, sweet home.”
– Part three of the bar-hopping series, On the Go with Eddie O, with an Aussie twist.
– And the return of We Got Mail

If you’d like the newsletter, send an email to with “Eat, Drink and Be Merry” in the subject line. If you’d like to know more about who I am and why I write this newsletter and blog, then check my about section. I’ll be doing something fun for Issue 33…