Glass Act: Bordeaux-style Beauties for 10 Kuai

All you need is wine…

Faced with a wine tasting in my home in two days and a glass collection devastated since that last purchase over a year ago at the long-gone Riverside Cafe, I went on a shopping mission last week. M-Dawg and Pony suggested the Flower Market and I hit pay dirt there. I dug up the 22-ounce, thin-rimmed, Bordeaux-style Stone Island beauties above for a mere 10 kuai each.

I picked up 36 and went back the next day for six more (all they had left), 12 Champagne flutes (10 kuai per) and a decanter (40 kuai). The first photo below shows the Bordeaux-style glass vis-a-vis a bottle of wine. The second adds in a flute and decanter. The third is for fun. (Click the thumbnails for larger pictures.)


I got my glasses at Jujiayuan, the shop farthest back in a group of three in the Flower Market’s basement. If you go there, mention the “guy who bought 30 glasses” and you’ll likely get that 10-kuai price without haggling. Since I bought all of the 22-ounce glasses, you might want to call Zhao Xu Fai 13391-936-198 at the store to see if he has restocked.

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