Moose or Reindeer?

This debate has consumed me and Eddie O for numerous Friday nights while we have consumed a glass or two of Wild Turkey and watched life pass by, which in Sanlitun includes this mascot, his orange-wigged friends (see photo, top left) and enough shots of Jagermeister to cause diabetes, a hangover, or both. In any case, Ed and I know what Jagermeister is (and what it can do). We’re just trying to identify the animal behind it.

Moose Vs. Reindeer

2 thoughts on “Moose or Reindeer?”

  1. The mascot for Jagermeister is infact a deer. His name is Rudy which originated from Rudolph the Reindeer. This is a direct explaination from our boss in Germany. He’s not supposed to have human hands either… your mascot was slacking that night lol

  2. Thanks Rudy,

    The issue is finally resolved. It’s a reindeer, not a moose. I repeat, it’s a reindeer, not a moose. I can now sleep at night…

    Cheers, Boyce

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