Shooters: They’ll Cap Your Glass

In the former locale of Moscow and just up from Kai, Shooters is rising up the hit list of favorite cheap bars – with a bullet. The place may not win any design awards, but is a cut above the competition, with a kind of mini-Browns feel. It has a bar, dance floor and seating downstairs, with sofas upstairs. Eddie O described it as “rough around the edges, but good.” Those over 25 may experience chaperone-like symptoms.

The handy laminated menu lists about a hundred shooters at 10 kuai apiece as well as pricier shots, cocktails and beers. (Note: As with all cheap drinks, you take your chances in this town.) I tried the passable Duck’s Ass (Bailey’s, Kahlua and white rum) and Baby Ruth (vodka, amaretto and peanuts). The Big V (dark cacao, blue cacao, vodka) was surprisingly good and I had a second. Eddie O stuck to Qingdao. Given the prices, drinks, location and ambience, this place will be a winner.

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